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Rupert Macnee Productions

Rupert Macnee Productions, owned and run by Rupert Macnee, provides research, marketing and media consulting services to a number of clients including: the US Geological Survey; the California Department of Health Services (Distance Learning Health Network); and the Kawasaki Disease Foundation. The company is now developing entertainment and informational programming for broadcast and Internet distribution.

Rupert Macnee portraitRupert Macnee was an Executive Producer of "Darwin's Brave New World", a three-part miniseries, co-produced by Ferns Productions in British Columbia, Canada, Screen Australia and ScreenWorld in Sydney, Australia. The show was broadcast internationally in November 2009: Canada on CBC Television's "Nature of Things"; ABC in Australia; and History Television, UK. A special, five-hour version was seen in Germany and France (ZDF). This edition featured extended interview segments with scientific and historical contributors such as Richard Dawkins, David Suzuki, Iain McCalman, James Moore, Janet Browne, Steven Hopper, Jerry Coyne, Michael Ruse, Dolph Schluter, Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, Mick Clout and others.

Macnee recently co-authored "Kawasaki Syndrome in India: Old Disease, New Disease?" for publication in Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, and produced an accompanying video, shot in India, with a grant from the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Now in pre-production is "Ramping Up" - a documentary about access to higher education for those with physical disabilities - for the PBS affiliate, WILL-TV in Urbana-Champaign, Illinois.

As Executive Producer, National and International Production, for the PBS affiliate, KCTS/Seattle, Rupert supervised PBS broadcast programs and their associated educational Web sites, including the 9/11 themed US-Canadian co-production Stranded Yanks, Perfect Illusions: Eating Disorders and the Family, The Video Game Revolution, Exploring Space and The Inside Passage, as well as "Rhona on Air", a relationship advice series and an Emmy-nominated series of interstitials on early childhood development in association with the Talaris Institute.

Rupert's previous production credits in Los Angeles and Toronto include: The Untamed World, An Evening at the Improv, Behind the Scene with Jonathan Winters, and the Cable-ACE winning Showtime series Full Frontal Comedy. He has produced awards shows and specials. In addition, he has produced, written, edited and directed for such reality/entertainment programs as A&E's Ancient Mysteries, Discovery Channel's Movie Magic and World of Wonder and the Canadian syndicated series Reel TV. He has also produced video/web educational distance-learning courses for PBS' Adult Learning Service, as well as numerous health-information, training, promotional and marketing projects for the broadcast, corporate, educational and home video markets. Periodically, he teaches communication and media production to public health students at San Diego State University.